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Unfold the future

Updated: Jan 11

Motorolla ,Samsung Fold and Huawei Mate X are unfolding our future in foldable phones. One of the first phones which introduced such technology of folding screens is Samsung, such technology is an innovation. This technology implements a screen that physically bends and doesn’t crack. Samsung fold has 2 screens, one at the main folded screen, and one screen that unfolds. On the other hand Huawei Mate X has one big screen which folds and unfolds. Both of the phones have the same idea of having a screen that unfolds and can be used as a tablet for consuming media and content in general.

Our team at the store divided into two opinions - For and Against.

The team “For” has arguments that this is new technology and is future for the phones and screens in general, foldable screens are the future for people who need small, compact phones. On the other hand side the team “Against” said that folding phones are nothing more than a “wow” effect phone, that it isn't worth the money because this technology could be avoided by using a hinge in between two screens which will be easier to maintain and would have the same effect.

What do you think about the foldable future ? Let us know under the comment section

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