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Smart wearables

Updated: Jan 11

Today in this blog I want to discuss a topic of smart wearables and help you choose which watch suits you.

Starting for Xiaomi, this company has a good selection of watches starting from 30 euros

The most popular one is the Xiaomi Mi band 4, this smart watch can track your steps, fitness activities, heart rate, notifications, and even control music from the phone.

This watch is also a solution for people who don’t like charging their watch because the battery lasts for almost a month. However the watch has a small screen which might not suit some users. This watch is a great watch for user to understand what is a smart watch and to understand if a user needs one.

Amazfit stratos is one of the smart watch that has a circular shape and is more to the expensive side compared the xiaomi mi band and goes for around 200 euros which is more expensive, but offer a battery life of 5 days and has a bigger display which is a choice for a better user experience and interaction with the watch.

Continuing with more expensive device, Apple is offering latest watches for around 450 depending on the country you live in. Who might need this watch? This watch would be fully apportioned to the Apple users because the watch is embedded in the ecosystem and will work only with Apple iPhones. This watch does everything above and more. It has cellular versions which will work with an esim, the display is bigger and overall the experience of using it with an iPhone is unique because the devices are connected to one ecosystem, an example is when you have your credit card connected to the phone you can pay from the watch without taking out the phone . This watch would be a great choice for user of an iOS system which want something more to the premium side.

However if you don’t like a digital watch there is a smart watch that is like a wolf in the sheep’s clothing because this watch offers counting steps and vibration during notifications , but looks like a classic quartz watch. The watch is xiaomi quartz and the price is around 60 euros depending on the country you live in. If you have any question or you would like to buy the watch you can come to i&beyond in Limassol and we will be very happy to help you choose the right model.

All the watches above are customizable and additional bands could be purchased and changed.

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