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Updated: Jan 10


Many of the users have broken screens, damaged corners, and sometimes even a fully broken phone, which can’t be fixed.

The way to prevent such issues is to use a glass screen protector, a thin glass layer which takes the brunt of the impact from a fall. For people who don’t like screen protectors, there is protecting film which protects from scratches and small falls. Using a skin is also a type of customization because it will give a new design to the device

Another option for people who want to customise their phone, is to use a case. Rugged, bulky cases with rubber corners are a path to protection of the phone. Models made from silicone are also made for protection, but not as much as rubber ones. That being said, silicon cases will suit people who like to customize their devices and make them more unique.

Cases with rings at the back, give unforgettable comfort while using the ring as a stand, and and they can even save some people their phone. We've all had a moment where our phone just slips out of our hand, and the best case scenario is the screen protector breaking. The ring can help prevent this from happening.

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