Bad Power

All of us had original cables which would brake over time and as soon as that would happen we would have a chance to explore the world of replacements. So now let’s break it down to categories

Copy Cables:

Cheap cable and adapter would save a penny , but would be prone to catching fire and damaging the device. Most of the copies of branded charging cables and power supplies are made out of bad materials and provide poor quality. Should be avoided at any cost.


Branded cables even if they aren't as expensive as original will provide quality for less because they will have safe materials used and provide safe cables and adapter for the users because they have there own brand which they are trying to make mass market, so there is no point in making bad quality cables. As for power Adapters the only way is to go through the branded or original adapter because we don’t want the adapter in combination with a bad cable to short the phone. Therefore the choice would go to proper power adapters. As for some phones there is adapters that can charge the phone faster if the phone supports fast charging


Original cables out of all is the best choice which provides a full proper experience of charging the device how it should have been from the box , but in most times is the most expensive out of the 3 options.

Overall cables that wouldn’t be recommended to use would be the cheap cables or copies which doesn’t provide quality products and therefore harming the device.

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