Updated: Feb 14, 2020


in most cases the data stored on your devices is more important than the device itself. Loosing Precious family memories or crucial business data is an experience that no one would like to live through


To prevent such an unfortunate incident you should invest a bit of i time to make sure you have a backup strategy in place for all or just the important part of ones data


Cloud services such as iCloud or google can provide a free storage up to 5gb of data and could be easily used by a person creating an account. On both of the examples above full backup could be done making it easier for user to do the backups

Local backup I.e. personal computer provides the ability of a fully free backup that can be done using the computer and software downloaded.

Private cloud is a sub category of clouds which differs only by the fact that it is at your house or any place you install it and can be used by anyone who you give the access

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